Terms of use ZIDIS BVBA

All deliveries and services agreed on in writing or verbally are subject to the terms developed below:

  1. Except in case of an explicitly different agreement, all our invoices have to be settled at the latest 14 calendar days after the invoice has been issued. If the sum due is not settled on the due date then a penalty of 12% interest for delay will be calculated on the due sum from the invoicing date and on a yearly basis, legitimately and without requiring a recorded delivery notice. Also, in case of a late payment, the due sum mentioned on the invoice will be applied, legitimately and without previous notice, a fixed allowance representing up to 10% of the due sum, with a minimum of € 250. If an invoice is not settled on the due date, all other claims that were not yet due by the client and/or the customer are then payable, legitimately and without previous notice. If an invoice is completely or partially unsettled on the due date, any terms previously agreed come to an end and Zidis BVBA reserves the right to suspend all later deliveries without any previous notice or compensation until the due sum including the interests and surcharge is paid.
  2. In case the invoices of Zidis BVBA are unsettled or only partially paid, all rights for use will be owned exclusively by Zidis BVBA until the invoices are completely settled.
  3. All media packages and/or media space ordered through Zidis BVBA have to be settled in advance, which means before any publishing in any media. If an invoice related to a media package and/or to a media space is not paid on time, Zidis BVBA reserves the right not to publish the assignment, without preliminary consultation with the client and/or the customer. In this case, the client and/or the customer will have to settle the relevant invoice in full as Zidis BVBA will have already booked the media space.
  4. In case of an early breach of the contract by the client and/or the customer, all costs related to the services already provided will be charged with a minimum of 75% of the total quote, excluding the purchase of media space or a media package including media space that will be charged at a rate of 100%. These packages and media space are purchased and booked in advance by Zidis BVBA and must therefore always be settled in full by the client and/or the customer.
  5. If for any reason a client and/or a customer postpones a project that has already been allocated or does not respond to a request aiming to approve a production, Zidis BVBA reserves the right, 30 calendar days after sending a recorded delivery mail, to breach the contract at the expense of the client and/or the customer and to demand compensation as stated in article 4 of these general terms.
  6. If an onsite “video recording” and/or a “photo-shoot” cannot go ahead at the request of the client and/or the customer for any reason, Zidis BVBA will charge a fixed “no shoot” penalty of € 200 excl. VAT if Zidis BVBA is informed less than 48h before the recording date. A recording day starts at 00.00.
  7. Quotes always include a reservation clause in case of unexpected events.
  8. Recorded footage will be edited or processed at the sole discretion of the supplier, in compliance with the potential demands of the client/customer. The services of Zidis BVBA remain subjective whereby the client and/or the customer cannot under any circumstances invoke the fact that the final product is not entirely meeting his/their expectations to justify a non-payment of the invoice.
  9. All complaints about the delivered works must be notified under penalty of cancellation to Zidis BVBA by recorded delivery mail within 8 calendar days after the invoice has been issued. After the term of 8 calendar days, invoices are considered accepted without any reservation.
  10. Zidis BVBA cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any form of business damage, consequential damage or loss of profit by the client and/or customer. Zidis BVBA cannot be held accountable for mistakes in terms of content and/or form leading to pay damage compensation, fines… to third parties. The client and/or customer is responsible for the final product and its distribution to the relevant
  11. Zidis BVBA accepts no responsibility and cannot be held liable to pay any compensation if an assignment cannot or is insufficiently executed due to force majeure e.g. because of war, natural disaster, fire, theft, power failure, deterioration of videotapes or digital files, unfavourable weather, equipment breakdown, traffic issues (accident, traffic jams, diversion…)…
  12. The estimated duration of an assignment or the delivery date given by Zidis BVBA is purely indicative and cannot be considered binding. Unforeseen delays do not automatically give the client and/or the customer the right to cancel the order or demand any form of compensation.
  13. The regulation regarding the value-added tax (VAT) will be enforced according to the instructions of the client and/or customer and lies under his entire responsibility.
  14. The obligations towards the SABAM are borne entirely by the client and/or the customer. Zidis BVBA cannot be held liable if the client and/or the customer disregards its obligations towards the SABAM.
  15. All productions of Zidis BVBA fall within the law related to copyright. Copyright always remains the property of Zidis BVBA.
  16. The client and/or the customer giving a reproduction assignment, may it be complete, partial or edited, is supposed to be entitled to do so. Zidis BVBA cannot be held liable in case the client and/or the customer is not authorized.
  17. Zidis BVBA reserves the right to use its productions to promote Zidis BVBA.
  18. Delivered goods/services can neither be returned nor exchanged.
  19. Except in case of another prior agreement, Zidis BVBA will keep the recordings during ten days after the delivery of the final product. The recorded originals will remain the property of Zidis BVBA.
  20. All contracts falling under these terms of use, as well as all other resulting contracts, are subject to Belgian Law. Only courts of Antwerp have the jurisdiction to rule over potential disputes regarding the contract, the invoice, the terms of use…